English Concertina George Case Restoration Music


This English concertina is a George Case design, and his patent was leased by Boosey & Co. Boosey made instruments throughout the England in several locations. Mr. Case was a musician and professor. Chris Flint (2010) has written a concise biography of George Tinkler Case.

This particular box was made on Regent Street in London. That workshop was active from 1864-??. It is one of the later concertinas in the Case line, as the greatest serial number know is 5004. 3908 is lower than the lowest number known produced at the Regent Street location (Flint, 2010), suggesting it was one of the earlier boxes produced at that location.

I purchased the box from John Castiglione Accordions in Michigan, US. I suspect that he passed it on due to the amount of work it needs and that he’s running a business. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do it service.

Out of the box. Castiglione packed up the host of minuscule parts in plastic bags.
Number 3908, which sets the box after 1874.
The reed pans look in pretty good shape. The brass reeds are free of corrosion, some have a thin patina. Brass reeds produce a softer tone than steel, and were often preferred for solo instruments used with vocal accompaniment.
Here’s a project… Hoping all the little parts are to be found in the other baggie!
Boosey started production of the Case concertinas at its Regent Street shop in 1874.
This end plate reveals and instrument that was played quite a bit. Wear on the varnish and buttons suggest that this concertina didn’t collect dust often!
Green leather bellows with a simple paper design. The bellows need some work, but may well be salvageable. What a pretty box, with the dark red cherry ends and the contrasting leather!